Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bunbury Called Up to "Camp Cupcake"

Thad called it last Monday and it became official today when Teal Bunbury was named to the 24 man roster for this January's US team camp in California. It continues the busy offseason for Bunbury after his trips to South Africa, Spain, and England. Bunbury will be looking to win his second cap for the US team when they take on Chile in late January.

It is a little disappointing to see that Michael Harrington still couldn't get himself called up after the good season he had for KC this year. I'd hope to see what he could do once called in to potentially either try to take the left back spot or bring more depth to the right back position. Although there could be other factors keeping Harrington out, maybe he has a trial or something lined up in Europe since he is currently out of contract, but now I'm just wildly speculating, I have nothing to back that thought up.

And for people that are wondering about Ryan Smith, I haven't heard anything regarding his citizenship since he was listed as an international for the expansion draft, so I'm working under the assumption that he was not available for selection.

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