Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nielsen Contract Extension

Gooch over on The Full 90 posted this earlier today, but word out of Denmark is that the SKC has extended the contract of Jimmy Nielsen for another year. Originally reports of his contract were that it was a 1 plus 1 contract with the second year being an option year, based off of that and this news it looks like the option was picked up and the team negotiated Nielsen's salary a bit as well. For more confirmation on this, just look at Nielsen's status yesterday on Facebook, where he posted: "Jimmy Kjær Nielsen is planning on winning the championship with Sporting KC next year!!! SO looking forward to one more year with you guys!!!"

Based off of that and the comments in the Danish article, it appears that Nielsen is only looking for one more playing year here, maybe he's contemplating retirement, or maybe he's looking to go back to Denmark, we'll have to wait and see. Overall Nielsen has stepped in a picked up basically where Kevin Hartman left off. He hasn't been a big upgrade over Hartman, many would say it was a lateral movement skill wise, but he still saved points for KC last season when needed.


Reepicheep said...

Good assessment of Jimmy. I'm glad he's coming back. I like his general attitude as well.

I will say this, it was an even swap with the Kevin Hartman of last season, but not this season. Hartman was hands down the best keeper in MLS this year and a big reason FCD got to the finals. Good for Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Hartman had a better defense in front of him and was playing with a chip on his shoulder.

Reepicheep said...

True Anon...the chip was especially motivational to El Gato I'll bet.