Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comets vs Blast PBP

Still having some issues, if I don't get to your comments I'm sorry Cover it Live isn't working tonight for me due to the issues with my PC. We'll do play by play here. for the moment, it's 8-2 right now Blast. Comets have had some moments, but when the Blast have turned it on they've looked much better. And I may have it up it looks like...

Or maybe not. I'm not really sure, I'm sorry, we'll see if it speeds up, first quarter is over 8-4 Blast, Comets goals from Alvarez and Beasley with 4 Blast goals sandwiched in between.

Still cover it live issues, so far in the second quarter the Comets have killed the penalty, and Pardo and Dagu have come up big in goal for each team.

Another save on the line for MO they are making it interesting but at this point are definitely still in the game.

Still having internet issues, goal again for Baltimore, Millwood with his second of the night from Gonzaga.

Goal was against the run of play a bit as the Comets had controlled a bit. Comets free kick is blocked out for another free kick and the Comets still control.

Another poor defensive give away by the Comets and it's 12-4 now Blast.

Blast controlling, when the Comets counter, Blast counter right back and Gonzaga scores to make it 14-4.

Comets get an opportunity, but two good saves by Sagu.

Back and forth a bit at the moment, neither side really testing the keeper with chances.

2:25 left and just as I think Cover it live is back it's gone, shot by Alvarez is blocked.

Under a minute left in the second, Comets controlling, but getting no where. And there's the half, 14-4 Baltimore at the half.

At half time it appears that the cover it live is the only thing really not working for me right now. Not entirely sure why that is...


13:40 second half is underway, neither team has really tested, but Balitmore gets a breakaway from Sampson, but Pardo stays his ground and stones the breakaway.

12:30, cover it live is done for tonight, sorry it's not staying reliable. Rodriguez has a 2v2 but ends up dribbling into trouble and is dispossessed.

11:30 Still back and forth, neither keeper has had to do much so far this half.

10:00 Comets get a shot that is off the post and Baltimore is back on the offense.

9:22 foul on Baltimore in the Comets end, free kick for MO coming.

9:10 inability to get the ball out of their own end almost costs the Comets for a third time tonight, but they're saved by a foul.

8:40 Comets with some chances now, but all are just wide of the goal.

8:26 Comets foul just to the right of Pardo's goal.

8:20 3 point shot off the foul is blocked.

7:35 John breaks but it left covered by 3 Blast players and is dispossessed, Baltimore goes the other way and Pardo saves.

1:30 it's 16-4 now, Healey finished off his hattrick as I fought the wireless again. Comets caught 3 v 2 and Healey finished a lay off.

1:00 Gibson has a shot well saved.

3rd quarter over 16-4 Blast, not incredibly pretty tonight for the Comets.


15:00 Comets kicking off

10:20 sorry more issues, it's 18-4 now, off the kick off Pardo was played a horrible back pass that went off the wall right to Worteh Sampson who five-holed Pardo for 18-4. The Comets have had some chances as have the Blast, Beasley hit the bar, John set up Gibson who skied it. and now a blue for Blatimore.

9:06 short handed Blast goal, 20-4, Healey with his 4th.

7:52 3 seconds left on the power play, the Comets have had shots, but they've mostly been wide, Baltimore call a timeout.

7:30 3,790 in attendance tonight.

6:20 John with a shot well saved, he's had some moments tonight but not totally on the same page.

5:40 some how MO has two chances to put one away and they can't, from the top of the arc it hit the bar and then from feet away John and Harris can't finish.

4:35 Comets controlling but that's more because Baltimore looks content to just sit back.

3:44 Blue card for Healey for Baltimore for pulling Beasley down.

3:30 Beasley shot saved by Sagu. Healey now has 4 goals and 2 penalties tonight.

2:45 another short handed goal for Baltimore, shot along the wall beat Pardo by Mike Lookingland.

1:49 power play goal for MO, it's a 2 point goal, shot by Birche that deflected off of Leo Gibson. 22-6 now.

1:00 minute left in the game, Comets holding Baltimore in their end.

Game over, 22-6 Baltimore destroy MO, it wasn't pretty, Baltimore looked content to just play around but turned it on when they had to. It's hard to hard to say that a keeper isn't at fault when he allows 11 goals, but Pardo got zero help from his defense tonight, in fact at times they were his worst enemy.

That's it for tonight, sorry the PBP didn't work out.

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