Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday After Stats

After working to find a way around MLS' new website (more on that later). Here is this week's Sunday after stats.

Largest open day or home opener win in Wizards history.

Jack Jewsbury's goal was his 13th in league play for the Wizards, tying him with Matt McKeon, Jose Burciaga, Sasha Victorine, and Claudio Lopez for 12th place on that list.

The goal was also Jewsbury's 14th in all competitions, breaking his tie with Chris Henderson for 19th place on that list.

Jewsbury made his 126th league start for KC, breaking his tie with Tony Meola for 9th on that list. It also ties him with Matt McKeon for 8th place on that list.

In total, 5 players made their MLS debut for KC last night, Korede Aiyegbusi, Stephane Auvray, Teal Bunbury, Jimmy Nielsen, and Ryan Smith.

It was Josh Wolff's 120th league appearance for KC, breaking his tie with Diego Gutierrez and Uche Okafor for 12th place on the all time list.


scaryice said...

Hey Mike, got an obscure question for you. I'm sure you remember Cesar Delgado infamously starting the opener for KC in 1999. What I want to know is, was he officially a rookie or no?

I've seen him referred to in old articles as one, but with so little info who knows if that's accurate. I know he played at Yavapai junior college in 1995-96, but I don't think he had any more college after that.

One article said he was training with Chivas in Mexico. I wonder if he was under contract with anyone from 1997-98?

Mike said...

I'm honestly not sure on that. I've spent time looking for him trying to find more information about him but I've never been able to find anything more on him before that or since. I'd say he's a rookie, but I can't be 100% sure.

J said...

The new MLS site really is terrible. I couldn't get the schedule/results to actually show any information, and it uses some random time zone for all the game times (and seemingly a zone nowhere in America, unless it's Hawaii maybe). Also, it seems like they should really be directing you to the new site when you use the old URL (, but that site seems to still exist in limbo, with no indication any update or change took place.

Anyhow, obviously you are not responsible, but you mentioned it being frustrated, and I definitely agree and wanted to vent to someone. Thanks again for all your great work on this blog.