Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CBA Details

MLS announced today some more details for the new collective bargaining agreement that was agreed upon on Sunday. Lots more details are out today, and although there are still some questions, there's a lot to look at. Ives has some of the highlights, especially some that I really like as well. Here are the ones that I really liked.

The salary cap will increase to $2.55 million, and will increase by 5% each season after this one.

Guaranteed contracts for all players over 24 with at least 3 years experience.

Minimum salary for senior roster players is now $40,000.

The reentry draft that MLS has set up sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to what MLS will do with it, I think it's a positive step and a good compromise for the players that want to avoid a situation similar to what happened to Kevin Hartman and Dave van den Bergh.

The thing that I probably like the most about the new deal is that the league will work the players union in a committee to re-launch the reserve league. Personally I think getting younger, end of the bench players time in some form or another in at least semi-competitive games. The reserve league I think if in place consistently the reserve can only help to develop the players.

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