Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chhetri Close to Contract

Word out of India today is that the Wizards are close to signing Indian national team forward Sunil Chhetri. Chhetri had trained with the Wizards down in Arizona, but has since returned to India. According to the report, though, Chhetri is close to securing a contract with KC. Chhetri had been on Celtic's radar and was close to signing with Coventry City and QPR but work permit issues got in the way. Chhetri would join a growing list of new international players in KC if he ends up signing.


Sayan's thoughts said...

Kansas Wizards is known all over MLS as a team with true spirit.They are a passionate lot and with the signing of Sunil Chetrri it is guaranteed that they will get the support of 1.2 bn Indians and many more NRIs in USA.Also this could be a very good business venture for Kansas Wizards and the whole of MLS,to tap in a market like India(the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world)is a good venture.Here's hoping that both Indian football and Kansas Wizards would benifit from this deal.

Anonymous said...

who are the Kansas Wizards? Never heard of them, are they in for Chhetri like the Kansas CITY Wizards are?