Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chhetri Move Appearing Likely

It looks like the Wizards are definitely making a move to sign Indian national team player, Sunil Chhetri. Word out of India today is that Chhetri's I-League club, Dempo SC has released the striker so that he can make his move to MLS and the Kansas City Wizards. Chhetri will join what appears to be a growing strike force for KC. The Wizards already have Davy Arnaud, Teal Bunbury, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Kei Kamara, and Josh Wolff as forwards. Adding Chhetri would give the Wizards another potential speed forward up top.

With the team's lack of scoring last season, I like that KC is bringing in more forwards. After the struggles in the middle of last season, the Wizards have brought in 3 new strikers (Bunbury, Hercegfalvi, and Kamara) so Peter Vermes obviously saw that area of the team as a position that needed some upgrading. The question now is who's going to make the starting position theirs. Right now it appears Arnaud and Wolff have that distinction, which is ok with me, but I'd personally rather have at least one "target" striker in there, a guy that can get on the end of crosses. That's the one thing I think was missing last Thursday in the intersquad scrimmage, the white team didn't have a guy that could hold the ball up back to goal really well. Chhetri, as I said, is a speed forward, so he wouldn't fill that gap, but I like that we continue to bring in other players to challenge for spots.

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