Friday, March 26, 2010

First Kick Almost Here

First kick is now less than 24 hours away for the KC Wizards who will take on DC United for the sixth time in 15 seasons on opening day. The two sides will each have quite a bit of knowledge about the other heading into this season. KC will be familiar with DC's new head coach, Curt Onalfo, midfielder Kurt Morsink, and forward Adam Cristman. It should add a little more spice to opening day. DC has added a few new players, but it's KC that's made more additions, adding 9 new players to the team this year.

This team should bare little resemblance to the team that Onalfo coached in his last game against FC Dallas. Changes will be taking place all over the field as new players on the field and new positions for some returning players. It will be interesting to see how different the team will actually look once it takes the field. It looks like Birahim Diop is going to miss opening day with a knee contusion, but other than that it appears the team will be healthy, so here's what I think we'll see.

Wolff - Arnaud
Smith - Auvray - Jewsbury - Myers/Kamara
Espinoza - Besler - Conrad - Harrington

PREDICTION - I'm really excited and ready for this season, it'll be extremely exciting exactly what this team can do against top level talent. And while there are a lot of people that are saying the Wizards won't do much this season, I think we'll surprise quite a few people. I'm not overly impressed with DC's additions either, Troy Perkins is an upgrade in net, but other than that, Christian Castillo is the only noteworthy addition. Danny Allsopp does not really impress me coming from the Qatari league to MLS. I think this game could really be the start to something good for KC, but then again it could be the start to a really long season. Either way nothing can dampen my excitement for tomorrow, not even the forecast.

KC - 3 (Wolff, Arnaud, Smith)
DC - 1 (Moreno)

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jtreg said...

I share the enthusiasm. Josh and Davey need to set the tone and be sharp early on. Play with a chip, guys.