Saturday, March 13, 2010

Open Tryout Call Backs

The first day of open tryouts finished up out at the Wizards Swope Park training complex and the Wizards have announced 47 players that have been invited back for the second day. I didn't make it out to the tryouts today due to weather and other commitments, I'll be out for a little bit of day 2 tomorrow though.

A couple of players that I mentioned earlier this week have been invited back for the second day of tryouts. Those names include Alain Matingou, Jose Ballesteros, Brendan Hanaphy, Jason Blocker, Cesar Zambrano, Mauricio Curiel Hernandez, Garrett Jahn, Jorge Faivre, Derek D'Agostino, Makai Werring, Sam Klos, Stiven Ospina, Addison Stonestreet, Tyler Kellogg, Vincent Torres, Yannick Araman, Robert Mueller, Paul Kihara, and Matt Stufflebeam. Along with Tshepo Edwin Mutlaneng and Dorian Caballero who tried out last year.

Did another look for the other players that made day two and found some that I missed, Ben Everson and Dominic Furness are from Davy Arnaud's alma mater, West Texas A&M. Charles Brooks played at UNC Wilmington. Found this video of Horace James. Another youtube video, this time of Josh Gable.

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Unknown said...

My cousin Jason Blocker didnt get the callback after Sunday but he did very well! Hopefully as the season progresses he will be called back to work with the team. The competition was pretty good the 2nd day! #6 who ever he was ...was a BEAST!!!