Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wizards Scrimmage Play-by-Play

In the Wizards press box getting ready to watch the Wizards closed door scrimmage. Play-by-play will be in this thread.

Harrington - Conrad - Besler - Espinoza
Myers - Diop - Auvray - Smith
Wolff - Arnaud

Hercegfalvi - Bunbury
Zusi - Hirsig - Jewsbury - Kamara
Aiyegbusi - Hohlbein - Leathers - Kraus

Game is on, white is controling most of play. Wolff pushed a chance wide.

Harrington down the left, cross in, but Kronberg claims it.

9th GOAL! White, Harrington to Myers, give Arnaud the secondary assist.

I got my stopwatch started late so the times are guesses.

13th Goal! White, Wolff gets in on the right on a play from Harrington, 1v1 with Kronberg, 5 holed him to make it 2-0 White.

Corner kick to white after another play in from the right. Harrington takes it low and it's cleared.

16th, Blue gets in on goal but is called offside.

19th, Nielsen makes a bit of a mess of the play, it goes to Bunbury who can't finish. Blue getting better possession now.

21st, Blue with a good string of possession right now, no real chances from it, but it's making the game look better.

22nd, Smith fouled about 35 yards out from goal after a nice run, Arnaud over it, plays it in, Kamara heads back to Kronberg.

24th, blue deep in white's territory, foul 22 yards from goal.

25th, Kamara takes and puts it over the bar.

27th, Wolff plays in Myers whose first touch lets him down, white wins it back and is still controlling.

28th, Wolff with another shot just wide.

29th, Myers again played in nicely but about 18 yards from goal his touch again lets him down and Leathers catches him.

31st, good one two between Smith and Espinoza, Espinoza gets a cross in but Kronberg claims.

32nd, more great work down the left by Espinoza and Smith, Smith with the cross, Wolff heads back into the path of Arnaud whose shot was right at Kronberg.

34th, good work by white, little lofted back into the box, but Diop is a step off.

35th, cross in by blue, easily claimed by Nielsen.

35th, little shoving match between Jimmy and Teal I believe.

36th, free kick by blue easily claimed by Nielsen.

37th, cross in from right Diop heads over the bar.

38th, Smith with good speed down the line cross too deep for Wolff, Myers with a bad cross back in. White back down the left, earn a deep throw.

40th, Teal tries to beat 3 guys while going on goal, can't get by.

40th, White right back down the field, Myers pass to Wolff is deflected back to Myers who finds Wolff, Wolff scores but it's call back for offside.

41st, back and forth now, corner for blue, cleared fast break by white cleaned up, Besler with a foul to the left of Nielsen's goal.

42nd, free kick deflected wide for a corner, taken short and cleared.

43rd, blue deep in white territory, good work but no real dangerous shots.

44th, Wolff now on the left, Smith up top.

45th, that's half time, 2-0 white.

Second half is under way.

48th minute, both sides have had chances, Arnaud tries for the glory shot from long range, well high and wide.

50th, Kraus with a nice tackle on Arnaud, springs a counter, Kamara shot deflected wide. Header over the bar.

52nd, blue getting more pressure. Now, earning a corner. Someone is down right now behind the boards, can't see who.

53rd, there has been a sub for blue, Kostrov or Fuzetti is in for blue Jewsbury is out.

54th, 3-0 white, Myers with the goal.

55th, another sub as whoever was hurt behind the goal is limping off.

57th, 4-0 white, Smith from Arnaud with an open goal. And it appears that Leathers went off hurt.

58th, Kraus tries to beat Harrington, but can't get past.

59th, shot wide by Fuzetti.

60th, first really nice reaction save by Nielsen, good reflexes to stop Zusi.

60th, white back down the field, Smith rounds Kronberg but puts it how.

63rd, Smith just off side on a fast break.

64th, Smith with a low cross, just too far out in front of Arnaud, Kronberg collects.

66th, Smith tries to cross over Kraus, earns a corner.

67th, on the corner Myers just misses

68th, Teal with a good turn, but shots right at Nielsen.

69th, Pardo on for Kronberg.

70th, good break by white, crosses is too far in front of Arnaud, but too far from Pardo, goes through the box.

71st, K finds Bunbury who beats his defender but then takes 1 too many touches and Conrad recovers.

72nd, GOAL, blue, Kamara gets the ball at the top of the circle, turns and fires a rocket that beats Nielsen near side, 4-1.

73rd, white back down the field, earns a PK when Myers facing away from the goal is fouled.

74th GOAL! white, Wolff from the spot, 5-1.

76th, getting a little chippy now, a few unneeded fouls, white with a free kick from 20 out to Pardo's left is headed just wide by Diop.

78th, Bunbury with a shot that hits Nielsen in the chest and is chested back to him by Conrad.

78th, Wolff with a volley just wide after a flick by Smith.

79th, blue with good possession, getting some crosses in but not getting on the end of it.

81st, blue earns another corner. Diop clears and then a foul on blue about 18 yards out.

82nd, free kick is off the wall. and then goes out for a goal kick

84th, Pardo with a nice save on Wolff for a corner. Pardo claims the corner.

86th, Kamara goes at Harrington, turns him, gets into box, crosses to Bunbury, shot is deflected on the way in off Besler's hand but still goes past Nielsen into the net. 5-2.

87th, blue continues to be dominate team right now, earns a corner after Bunbury misses from close range.

88th, white earns a corner after a through ball by Diop is deflected out.

88th, white plays short and holds in the corner, earns a foul.

89th, Kamara earns fast break, plays wide to Zusi who gets in box and shots at Nielsen, who parries shot high.

90th, blue tries to break one more time, but shot is blocked, and that's game, 5-2 final with white winning the game.

That's game, good performance by the first team, a little lax late with the lead and let blue get some goals, but a good performance overall, full write up coming tonight.


George Shook said...

woah, that lineup most definitely looks first team vs second team.

George Shook said...

so, I take it Harrington is looking good at RB?

Mike said...

Yes he is lookin pretty good, both wings are.

George Shook said...

Mike - for Blue - how do Zoltan and Teal look? Also Zusi?

Morry said...

Wonderful pbp mike

Mike said...

They didn't look bad, but not great. They didn't really test Nielsen much at all. They'll be coming towards me more this half I'll get a better look.