Monday, March 08, 2010

Open Tryout Participants

It's that time of year again, time for the Wizards open tryouts. While none of last years tryout participants made the team, quite a few got invited back to train over the course of the season. This year's teams list is out now on the Wizards site, overall it looks like there are 133 players signed up this year, and here's a look at some of the players I may have found with some quick google searches.

Pride Nyakudya, a midfielder from the United Kingdom.

Alain Matingou, a local defender at Park University.

Joshua Schmidt, is listed as a field player, I did find a Joshua Schmidt who is a goalkeeper at Memphis, so I doubt it's the same player, but you never know.

Kory Pacheco, played at Rhode Island College.

It would appear that Hector Cardona did as well.

I may have found Diego Lozano, a high school player from Minnesota.

I found a Derek D'Agostino who played high school soccer in Florida.

Found Jose Ballesteros at North Idaho College.

Brendan Hanaphy played at York College.

Jason Blocker went to the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.

Makai Werring was a defender at Moorpark College.

Jacob Spalholz played at Broome Community College.

Tshepo Edwin Mutlaneng tried out last year.

Noah Suter played for Western Illinois.

Francisco Arellano played at Dixie State College.

Diego Cardenas played at Bethel College.

Andres Felipe Molano tried out last year and made day 2.

If it's the same guy, Mauricio Curiel Hernandez, played for Tapatío.

Cesar Zambrano played for the Rapids last year.

Paul Kihara is a Kenyan via Canada.

Djamel Bouriche plays for Birmingham (AL) City FC.

Dorian Caballero advanced to day two last year as well.

Elvir Kafedzic signed with AC St. Louis, I'm guessing he signed up for the tryouts before being signed.

If this is the same Sam Klos, he's the student manager for UMKC's golf team, but played soccer when in high school at Rockhurst.

Simone Bracalello tried out last year, found his soccer resume online again.

Sam Tejada, if it's the same guy, he's a former Arkansas ODP player.

Stiven Ospina played for the PDL-Pro Laredo Heat.

Elijah Yazdani, I found this youtube video of a guy with the same name, so not sure.

Sammy Tork played for Vanier College.

Garrett Jahn played at William Jewell and tried out last year.

George Busumbru played for Wallington FC if that link is correct.

Addison Stonestreet played for KU's club soccer team.

Kyamran Tairov participated last year.

Kingsley Folabit played for Schulz Soccer Academy in the US Soccer Developmental Academy.

Tyler Kellogg played at Kellogg Community College.

Gino Pecchenino is from Argentina if this is the same guy.

Jorge Faivre played for El Paso United (again if it's the same guy).

Uziel Franco is from Cassville.

Vincent Torres is playing for Florida Atlantic.

Kyle Yager played at St. Ambrose.

Yannick Araman may have played for German Plus Jakarta in 2007.

Kyle Bak attended Western New England College and attended the USL Showcase.

Robert Mueller plays at the University of Memphis.

Mark Pataky played for Western Connecticut State.

Matt Stufflebeam played for the Springfield Demize and has tried out the last two years.

Terry Watts played at Washtenaw Community College.

Let me know if you know of any I for sure missed, cause I'm sure there are a few.


MOUFWASH said...

props for taking the time to look these up. Good job

Is Souter the last tryout player to make the team?

Mike said...

Souter and Pizarro both made it from the first year of the open tryouts.

MOUFWASH said...

oh yea, thanks Mike.

and 1 more question, it seems like we had more trailist etc. this year. Is that an accurate observation or just a product of me paying closer attention?

Blog de MLS said...

Any references of Pecchenino?

I google him, and only found that he is an advertising model (!)

Mike said...

We normally have a few trialists but it seems like we have had more this year.

No other references of Pecchenino the google search I did didn't turn up much.

Kathleen said...

Wow I saw the video of Elijah Yazdani and I loved it. It showed skill humor and had a great human-interest story. Apparently he overcame some hard times to get where he is! He looks like a prospect with a lot of promise! I'll keep watching for that name. Thanks for all your work and research.

Anonymous said...

KC ever just gonna make stufflebeam stop trying out? The guy clearly doesn't have a shot.