Thursday, March 25, 2010

Davy Arnaud Named Wizards New Captain

I posted the rumor earlier today over on Twitter, and the Star has confirmed that rumor tonight, and that's that the Wizards have a new captain. His name is Davy Arnaud. Arnaud has replaced Jimmy Conrad as the captain of the Wizards. I'm not sure of the reason behind the change, but I personally have some questions about the move. After the way he finished last season I don't think Arnaud is an automatic starter. A captain should easily be penciled in immediately into the team's starting lineup, but that doesn't strike me 100% about Arnaud. Arnaud's a work horse and always busy, he's still one of the most underrated players in the league, but I just never saw him as captain material for the club. If Vermes was really wanting a new captain, I would have thought Josh Wolff, Stephane Auvray, or even Jimmy Nielsen before Arnaud. But it's all about what's on the field and in the locker room, so maybe there is something that I am missing.

What does this mean for Conrad? That remains to be see, but I'm sure it came as a bit of a shock to Conrad. How Conrad responds to this will also be a big question. Does he take it in stride, step up, do his job, and continue to be a leader on the field? Or does he sulk and are we starting to see the beginning of the end of Conrad's time in KC? I would hope that from what I've seen of Conrad's character holds turn and he does what he's done for quite a few years in KC, and that's anchor the Wizards defense.


J said...

hmmm, not sure this move sounds so good to me either.

Kurt Austin said...

Does this lend credence to the draft day rumors of us shopping Conrad?

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a bad move to me. I agree, Davy is not a for sure starter anymore but Jimmy is. When I think of the KC wizards I think of Jimmy. I hope he's around for many more season's to come.

Mike said...

I'm starting to go back and take a look at the draft day trade talk as well Kurt.

Nathan Martin said...

Look, Jimmy is closer to riding into the sunset than Davy... Jimmy made some key mistakes last year that lead to opponent goals. I love Jimmy but Davy is my guy and he is in the top 11 on our team play him at forward, right mid, center mid it doesn't matter he will play hard and effective... I understand the angst but Davy will be a great captain.

Reepicheep said...

Neither Jimmy or Davy had stellar years last year, but Davy was horrible down the stretch. He missed key gimmee goals in several games, which basically meant the playoffs.

Davy was playing great until the call up. After that he was off.

As for Jimmy Conrad, even at 75% of what he once was he's better than all but 3 or 4 CB's in this league. He's the rightful captain and stripping him of this is a sure sign his days in KC are coming to a close.

This is clearly a team in Vermes' image. We'll soon find out what that means.

Anonymous said...

Really Nathan? Let's take a look at that. I'd rather have Wolff and Kei up top, I want a target and more of a speed striker and Wolff's 11 goals put him ahead of Davy for the speed striker role. Center midfield we already have 5 guys that play there, and Davy was never really good as an attacking central midfielder. The only place left is right mid and Myers seems set to make that position his.

I'm sorry but just because a guy plays hard shouldn't be enough to cut it any more. As for being effective, did you even watch him play late in the season? He sucked complete and total ass, he was horrible, I really questioned why he wasn't benched that's how bad he was playing.

Davy's loved for his work ethic, but that isn't going to cut it any more, we need production.

Bryan said...

Davy is an absolute work horse, but the only reason i can see him from my spectator's chair of why he could be a captain is cause he is hella mouthy and it might help him out of some card issues.

Jimmy is a world class defender. Watch him compared to other center backs in the league, or watch him compared to center backs in europe. Davy is not world class. He's an athlete and a damn good soccer player but he's not someone i'd want the pressure riding on.

This news ruins my day and my already iffy feelings about the wizards organization. I'm seriously thinking about boycotting the home opener and maybe just checking out in general about being a fan here in kc.

if you're going to make over the roster and keep veteran seniors, and people who've put in the work, and, who helped saved the freaking league, then reward them.

awful awful news.

there's got to be more on this somewhere.

MOUFWASH said...

I dont really care about anything other than how the team plays; its an armband.

Anonymous said...

Davy's a hard worker, and creative WHEN he's on his game. Jimmy losing the captaincy means to me, that he perhaps may not have much time left in KC, and vermes wants a new leader when he leaves.
That being said... the move should be made mid-season when another player has stepped up and shown captain material. NOT Arnaud. Davy does not have the personal composure to lead a team. Especially during intense situations. (We're talking about a guy who threw elbows and heads at UMKC defenders in a friendly, and couldn't quit talking trash. Really Davy? Really?) That behavior is not uncommon from him during the season. The team needs somone with more class and composure than that. e.g. Conrad, Auvray, Wolff...

MOUFWASH said...

could be a kinda of kick in the pants to Davy.. lead, assert yourself, play to your capability..

Davy lost his head in a game last year and missed some chances because of it, but its not like it was the entire 2nd half of the season. The midfield was horrible last year, and when he was in it he had Watson behind him; Watson was a solid defender but was worthless going forward. With the size of our field it is very important to have outside backs that can contribute to the attack.

Seems ppl are putting Davy's play under a different scope for this than they are for Jimmys play. The last natinoal cap is still in my mind as well. We dont know what went on behind the scenes with the trade bait, and what words were exchanged in regard to the roster changes.

Reepicheep said...

I generally agree with your assessment Mouf, but I do think it's more than an armband.

MOUFWASH said...


Symbolically for sure it does, but its still assigned meaning.

This falls under one of those things that I just hope doesnt matter to professionals.

I do agree that at knee jerk this seems a bit odd.

It is just something else to note/watch this year, as if there wasnt enough new things :)

Nathan Martin said...

I would also rather have Wolff and Kei up top. I like Davy as an attacking mid in the center. My point was that he is a versatile player that can be effective in multiple positions because he covers a lot of ground and has good skill.

Neither Jimmy nor Davy played particularly well down the stretch...that's why we missed the playoffs.

I am slightly surprised at how negatively you guys are taking this. Arnaud, Wolff, Conrad will continue to be leaders on the field. Jimmy will continue to lead the backline.

The captaincy to me is more of a formality. Take the US MNT: Bocanegra is the captain but for all intents and purposes Landon Donovan is the leader.

If our season is doomed by the changing of captains, then we aren't good enough or tough enough to win anyways.

bstoeff said...

Jimmy is flat out the vocal leader of the team, Davy is no doubt our hardest worker. However just because you work your ass off does not mean you can "lead" a team. Jimmy just has that cool about him that a captain needs. Also with the Wolffy and Kei up top, yes but I believe that Chhetri and Kei will end up as the starters by the end of the season. Zolton is the perfect player to come in late in games which will put Wolffy out of the picture. So I don't understand how we can afford to shop Jimmy around. I would much rather have an seasoned center back than a seasoned forward.

Anonymous said...

Bryan - are you really that out of touch with reality??? really??? Let's see, we had a sh*t year last year so we bring in tons of guys and shake up things...what were you expecting...go with those same players and just cross your fingers that tinkerbell will throw some pixie dust on us and we will play better???

Oh, and we have a $140,000,000 stadium being built...or maybe you liked being out at that POS CAB???

We couldn't score last year so we bring in umteen strikers...or are you still mad that Claudio is no longer here???

And as for knowing about who is and who should be the team leader, I guess you know more than the coaches...right dude...

Or maybe you are that which case yes, go boycot the match and save us from your drivel!!!