Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wizards Sign Diop

In a move that seemed to be coming based off of his position in preseason games, the Wizards have signed Birahim Diop to a contract. The former Metrostars player is back in MLS after a 9 year leave from the league. Diop played for the Metrostars in the 2001 and 2002 seasons, not appearing much for the club. He played in 6 games, starting 3 over his 2 seasons with the club. For the Wizards Diop has spent much of the preseason partnering Stephane Auvray in the center of midfield for what's been what most would call the Wizards first team. In the two games I've seen Diop play he brings a strong physical presence in midfield and also is a threat on set pieces and the crosses the Wizards make during the game.

The move would seem to give the Wizards some major excess baggage in midfield as the Wizards now have 5 guys that can play holding midfield. Along with Diop and Auvray, the Wizards have Jack Jewsbury, Santiago Hirsig, and the team's other new signing Craig Rocastle. With all those players stacking up in central midfield, it would seem that someone is going to be on their way out of Kansas City. With the international players coming in it could be Hirsig, or with Jewsbury's American status Jewsbury could have the most value. We'll see, but I still think we'll see one of these players leave.


Reepicheep said...

Wow has the midfield pendulum swung! What a difference from last year.

Jewsbury will have to step up considerably to stay in the line up, I would think.

This dang strike looming is depressing given all the changes the Wizards are making.

Unknown said...

What are the numbers right now for the roster?

How many players do we have on contract? And how many more players do we still have "in camp?"

Mike said...

There are currently 26 players in camp (plus Chhetri who could still be on the way). The only one not currently with a contract is Fuzetti. So 25 players are under contract. We have to cut 1 more to get within the roster limits, and 1 of them has to be a developmental player. I'll have a bit more of a breakdown tonight hopefully.