Thursday, December 03, 2009

Zambrano New Wizards Assistant

First brought to you today by Thad at The Back Post, the Wizards named former Metrostars and Galaxy coach, Octavio Zambrano, their new assistant coach. There had been rumors since the Wizards were looking for a new coach that Zambrano could be on his way to Kansas City in some form. His time in Hungary and the Wizards trailing one of his former players were just two hints that there was some relationship forming. Zambrano has the second-best winning percentage in MLS history.

I personally like this move, Zambrano was know for his attacking style, and that's certainly something the Wizards have lacked not only last year, but for the last few years. The team has never been know for their attacking ability since Ron Newman left. So bringing in a guy that has been more attacking minded throughout his career definitely can't hurt in Peter Vermes attempts to improve the Wizards poor scoring record last season. Here is the Wizards release on the signing.


MOUFWASH said...

"I peronally"

you know better than that, or are you making a Miss Teen Carolina joke?

Does seem like a good hire though.

Reepicheep said...

Do you think this is a precursor to making him coach? I don't get the impression Vermes really wants to coach long term, he's just doing it now because it's "his team". What do you think?

Mike said...

It's definitely a thought that's been crossing my mind ever since it was rumored he'd be the assistant. It certainly seems plausible, we'll see what happens.