Friday, December 25, 2009

New Defender From Chile?

Yesterday we heard from Robb Heineman how the Wizards had signed two new international players, one a center back, the other a defensive midfielder. My assumption at the time I saw the tweet was that the center back was one of the 3 Colombians that MLS had recently signed. Then this morning, this forum post was pointed out to me. While it is on a forum, it looks more like a press release that was posted there. The post discusses the preparations of CD Universidad Católica in Chile for their upcoming season. Down at the bottom of the post, it mentions current players that are likely not to return, one of those players is Facundo Imboden. According to the post, Imboden has been contacted by the Wizards and is considering an offer from them.

Imboden is a 29 year old center defender who has played for Boca Juniors, but has found his one the field success at Universidad. It also appears that Imboden is coming off a ligament tear as well. I still think the signing is one of the Colombians, but at least there are rumors of players coming to KC, something to try and make the team better. My guess is that this is more just agent posturing than it is really happening, but we'll have to wait and see.

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