Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Espinoza Called into Honduran Camp

Wizards' midfielder, Roger Espinoza, is going to continue to have a busy offseason. After spending time in South Africa with the MLS Generation Adidas team, it's now been announced that Espinoza has been called into the Honduran national team camp starting January 4th and will finish with Honduras' friendly against the United States in LA on the 23rd of January. Espinoza is the "surprise" on the list of 19 players on Reinaldo Rueda's roster according to the article. The surprise in his selection is probably due to the lack of playing time late in the season for the Wizards. I still wonder why Espinoza wasn't getting more playing time late in the season. In my mind it's one of two things, either he doesn't fit in with Peter Vermes' plans (which I doubt) or he wasn't being played in hopes of keeping him from graduating from the Generation Adidas program. Either way, with the camp not being held during a FIFA date, the camp will be made up mainly of players from MLS, the Honduran league, and Scandinavian leagues.

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MOUFWASH said...

I think/hope its your 2nd thought...

Espinoza has the tools, but they just need to be sharpened and used correctly; in contrast we have some other players who understand what they need to do to play to their best, but whos ceiling just isnt very high.