Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Wishes

We're about to ring in 2010 and the start of a new decade. With a new year about to start it's time to look at my wishes for another year.

1. The stadium starts to take shape - Forget this whole breaking ground stuff, I want to see the stadium actually start to take shape this year. I want to see the bowl start to come around, I want to see the stadium actually start to take shape. Because if it hasn't in the upcoming year I have a feeling we're going to be seeing the move KC crowd get VERY loud.

2. Qualify for the playoffs early - I'm tired of waiting until the last week or two of the season to see if we qualify for the playoffs. Let's qualify with a few more weeks to go please.

3. Some Silverware - Yes, again, I want silverware, every year I'll be asking for this.

4. SI's that contribute more - The contribution by this past year's new SI, Santiago Hirsig left something to be desired. He did decently enough, but his contribution was less than I think many people expected. Hopefully the two new signings Robb Heineman mentioned as well as the offensive players he alludes to will conntribute more to the cause this year.

5. Re-sign Kei Kamara - This one should be known pretty quickly. Kamara brings something to the Wizards that they've probably not ever had in a forward. A combination of size, speed, and strength Kamara will be an asset to the Wizards this season.

6. Round of 16 appearance for the US in the World Cup - I'm leaning on the side of caution on this one. I want to put a wish further in the World Cup, but getting out of the group is the first and biggest goal. While most US fans (including myself) want the US to advance further, a date potentially for revenge against Germany from the 02 World Cup or against Ghana for the 06 World Cup would be big for the US.

7. A home record with at most 1 loss - Going from a very conservative wish to a much more difficult one. The Wizards had a horrible home record last season, the worst in the league. The season before CAB was more of a fortress. The road record was adequate for a playoff team in MLS, but for the Wizards to be successful in 2010 the team needs to be much better at home than their 4-6-5 last season.

8. At least 40 goals this season - That's a 12 goal increase from last season. That's definitely a big increase, but having been tied for second worst in the league last year, the team needs drastic improvement. The team can't expect Josh Wolff to score 11 goals again next season. Kamara, Claudio Lopez, Davy Arnaud, Herculez Gomez, and any offensive signings need to contribute more to the team.


Reepicheep said...

Good list, but I'm not sure what else 35 year old Claudio can be expected to contribute. If he duplicates last year, that would be phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

you really are a loser mike. two posts on new years eve, what no friends to hang out with? what a loser