Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Players On the Way

According to Wizards president, Robb Heineman, the Wizards have made their first two signings of the offseason. Heineman on Twitter said that the team has signed two new international players, a defensive midfielder and a center back.

The defensive midfielder signing starts an interesting discussion into what is going to happen to KC's currently central midfield team of Jack Jewsbury and Santiago Hirsig. But with the rumors of Hirsig's move to Colo Colo still around this new midfielder that KC has signed could be his replacement should the move go through.

As for the center back, I haven't found anything for sure, but I have a feeling that this center back the team has sign is likely one of the three Colombians that MLS has recently signed. The fact that these two bits of news came out around the same time makes it seem too much of a coincidence for it to not be one of those 3 players.

Heineman also says that the attacking players are on the way as well. If this continues, this could be the start of the roster overhaul that we were told would happen when Peter Vermes was announced as the head coach. These moves are likely not goingn to be announced until after the transfer window opens in January, but it's nice to see some moves start to happen.


Jason1551 said...

Facundo Imboden is the rumored CB. He is not one of the players signed by MLS.

Mike said...

I would put money on the new center back NOT being Imboden.