Saturday, December 05, 2009

Top 15 Wizards

Kyle, who normally does the posting on Hillcrest Road has been away the past few days as he's getting married (congrats Kyle). In his place, Rob Thomson has taken over the duties of posting, and has given some great posts the past few days. He's given us some inside stories from the team's earlier years as well as a quiz to win an old Peter Byaruhanga from 2001. I've been wracking my brain trying to answer those questions, and as I've posted on the Wizards blog I think I have two of those questions answered, need one more and I may be getting that jersey.

Yesterday Rob posted another post with some more great stories about the team. At the bottom he makes mention of next year being the Wizards 15th season and wanted to get peoples' advice on who were the top 15 players in Wizards history. I've come up with my list of the top 15 players. Here is my list of the top 15 players in Wizards history, in no real particular order.

Preki - Easily the best player in team history.
Tony Meola - Great goalkeeper, his performance in the 2000 season was lights out.
Davy Arnaud - From West Texas A&M to Wizards legend.
Jimmy Conrad - Became a national teamer and one of the leagues best defenders during his time here.
Uche Okafor - The former Nigerian international was solid for the Wizards in the back during their early seasons.
Mo Johnston - Johnston was solid throughout his career in KC and will always be remembered for his sacrifice that lead to the Wizards mini-game win in the 2000 playoffs.
Nick Garcia - A rock in the defense for KC.
Peter Vermes - Current manager was a solid veteran presence in defense for KC.
Chris Klein - Worked wonders down the wings for the Wizards and twice came back from ACL tears.
Kerry Zavagnin - Didn't have the offensive stats, but was a consistent presence in the Wizards midfield.
Diego Gutierrez - Another player that wasn't flashy offensively, but was a strong contributor to the Wizards.
Josh Wolff - Wolff is a polarizing player for Wizards fans, but you can't argue with the fact that he's one of the top goal scorers in team history.
Mark Chung - Chung brought a great compliment to Preki in the midfield during the early years of the Wizards.
Kevin Hartman - He's been the most consistent and probably the Wizards best player the past 3 years.
Miklos Molnar - I tried to keep my list to players that had spent more than 1 season in KC, but you can't discount Molnar's 1 season, especially since he missed time at the Euro. He was just too important to the 2000 team to leave him off this list.

Players that just missed the list, Matt McKeon, Digital Takawira, Chris Henderson, and Sean Bowers.

Who are your top 15?

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