Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conrad and Hartman Called Up to National Team

US Soccer has released Bob Bradley's 30 man roster for the team's January training camp that will end with a game against Honduras at the Home Depot Center. Two Wizards were named to the roster for the camp. Wizards captain, Jimmy Conrad is back in camp again looking to add to his 27 caps that he already has. Also named to the roster was Wizards goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman. Hartman has only 5 caps, earning the last of his caps back in 2006. Hartman has to be considered one of the surprises of the camp roster considering he hasn't been called up in a while. One of the reasons for this has to be because Hartman is from Southern California and is likely already nearby, making him an easy invite. Along with Hartman there are some other big surprises on the team, including Brandon McDonald and Justin Braun. Congratulations to Conrad and Hartman on the call up.

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MOUFWASH said...

I know Harrington went on a bit of a slump (thanks Onalfo) at the beginning of the year, but, am I misguided or is the national team badly in need of LB's with speed, size and the ability to go forward? Bornstein seems like a slower and weaker Harrington to me. Phyiscally, our national team stock of LBs (Pearce, Bornstein, and Spector) are levels below Harrington and outside of Spector dont understand the game any better while I believe Harrington has better ball skills than all of them. Maybe im just a sucker for ability/high ceilings, but I just dont get how Harrington cant even get a look. He does get beat from time to time 1v1, but considering C. Lopez was in front of him, thats not bad for the number of times attackers are running at him without pressure.