Monday, December 14, 2009

Vermes Interview

Thad over at The Back Post interviewed Wizards coach and technical director, Peter Vermes last Friday. Vermes talked about a multitude of topics and gave some good information. We also got beating around the bush that you get in these types of interviews from time to time.

Vermes talked about some player news, he said that the rumors of Santiago Hirsig going to Colo Colo were just that, rumors. He talked about offerring a new contract to Claudio Lopez, saying he wants to re-sign him if the deal is good for both sides. Vermes also stated that the Wizards have offerred forward, Kei Kamara a new contract and are waiting for his reply while he has trials in Europe. Thad also asked about the signing of Ocatvio Zambrano with Vermes saying that he brings tons of experience both inside and outside of MLS. Vermes stated he was a top candidate for the head coaching position before Vermes took it and that he wanted Zambrano on his staff in some form.

Thad asked Vermes about some of the expansion draft picks, including Graham Zusi and Matt Besler. Vermes said that Zusi's creative ability as an American player, and his salary were two of the seasons why they protected Zusi. He continued to explain how the team thought they had good idea on who Peter Nowak would take in the draft and they felt comfortable leaving Besler available. Thad brought up the other "deals" Philadelphia had made with Real Salt Lake and Houston, asking if KC had made a similar deal. Vermes said no, but that the Wizards were still working with the Union to potentially make a deal. As for other expansion draft protection, in the Kevin Souter vs Santiago Hirsig protection, it came down to salary as the main reason Souter was protected over Hirsig.

Vermes then talks about the Superdraft, being vague in his break down of who the Wizards are looking at for their pick. He says how the team is looking for players that will not just contribute now but in the future as well. Vermes talks about how they plan on breaking down their selection depending on positional needs and the best player available.

The rest of the interview is spent on other subjects including the CBA, USL/NASL debate, the World Cup draw and multiple other things. Check it out.

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