Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010 Open Tryouts

For the third year in a row, the Wizards will be holding open tryouts out at their Swope Park training complex. This year the tryouts will be March 13th and 14th. The fee for those wanting to tryout this coming year will be $200 plus a $5 processing fee.

Unlike last year I have no grand plans to attempt to tryout, while I'd always told myself I would try if given the chance, my knee just isn't going to hold up for it I think. So like the last two years, I'll be on the sidelines watching the players tryout to see who if anyone impresses me.


Unknown said...

do the chosen players really get the chance to play for the first team?because the same thing happened in toronto and the chosen player didnt join the team at all.

Mike said...

What do you mean by play with the first team? Do the chosen players get signed every year? No, they don't. Do they get brought in to train with the first team? Yes, there have been players both in 07 and 08 that trained with the Wizards. The team did sign two players from the open tryouts back in 07 though.

Unknown said... there would be no guaranty at all for the chosen players to get many players usually show up for the tryout?the reason i am asking these questions is, that i am living in Toronto and i want to come there for just want to know some info..

Mike said...

No, there is no guarantee that a contract will be offered. I don't know of any open tryouts in MLS that offer guaranteed contacts to the "winners".

The past few years the open tryouts have had around 250 or so participants.