Monday, December 14, 2009

Stadium Start Date

There are 17 days left in the year for Robb Heineman's comment about breaking ground before the end of the year to come true. Unfortunately according to the KC Business Journal, that is still not resolved. The article, though, doesn't really contain much new information, most of it is a rehashing of information that Wizards fans have already seen in previous articles, and comments made by Heineman on Bigsoccer. The only real new information is from Tim Weaver of Lane4, talking about the fact that they still have to work out financing and other options as well. Besides that it's more playing off the Village West area with KCMO continuing to say the Bannister project is still alive. We see information about the new release date of the funds and the other monitary news we've already seen.

The best part of the article was the author's use of Bigsoccer as a news source for his story.

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