Thursday, April 30, 2009

Player Interviews

The winner of this past week's player interview poll was the Wizards' right back, Lance Watson. Out at practice yesterday, Thad from The Back Post and I were able to speak with Watson for a few minutes. Watson talks about being in the starting lineup now and his contribution to the team. He talks about winning the ball back after he loses it, relating it to his former play as a midfielder. He talks about the game up in Toronto and then gives an interesting comparison between the fans in Seattle and the fans in Toronto. Watson says the Seattle fans are more constant noise behind their team, while Toronto is more of a European feel with chants and songs. He continues by talking about the current 10 day break the team is on and how it affects the team. We also were able to get a few thoughts of his on the upcoming game with DC.

Thad and I were also able to get an interview with this week's runner up, injured striker, Adam Cristman. Cristman talks about his current progress coming back from his injury and whether he's on schedule, ahead, or behind. He compares his recovery to that of Chance Myers, who had the same surgery earlier in the offseason. Cristman gave his impressions of the team, the organization, and the city since he's been here, including his opinion on some of the BBQ he's had so far. I asked him about keeping in touch with his old teammates in New England, he mentions his friendship with Brad Knighton, who has been in goal for New England as of late. He also talks about the tackle on Stever Ralston and the retaliation by Khano Smith a few weeks later in New England.

In the second part of the interview, Cristman talked about his hobbies, including his musical talent and his interest in hunting, as well as joking around.

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