Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Player Interview

The winner of this week's player interview poll was Herculez Gomez. The interview with him is now up over on The Back Post. Gomez talked about the Seattle game, the play that led to Kasey Keller's red card. He talks about the second half of the Seattle game and the team getting a little complacent. Gomez continues by comparing the Seattle fans to fans in Toronto. Gomez finishes up by giving a bit of a break down of the Chicago game and how his play has improved this season thanks to more time with the team.

Thad was also able to interview this week's runner up, Kevin Hartman. Hartman talks about the Seattle game, competing with Keller as well as the crowd. He also talks about the second half of the game and the way the team seemed to be slow in the second half. Hartman talks about the way the defense has been playing the last two games earning shutouts in each of them. Hartman finishes by talking about the upcoming game against Chicago. Enjoy.

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