Thursday, April 02, 2009

Injury Issues for KC

It's early in the season, but already Kansas City is suffering through some major injury issues on their team. Before the season even really got started, the Wizards were already missing 3 players that were expected to be on the opening day 18 man roster. Eric Kronberg, Chance Myers, and Adam Cristman all missed the start of the season due to surgery of some kind. Kevin Souter also has had some injury issues as he's missed the Wizards first two games due to a adductor strain. That right there is 8 games missed by players that were expected to battle for playing time and be on the game day roster. Then this past week in Colorado the Wizards were without Josh Wolff due to a hamstring issue for a total of 9 games missed. If you want you could also factor in Davy Arnaud, who while he was on the bench for the game against Colorado it seemed unlikely that he was actually going to play in that game, then the total is up to 10 games missed by players due to injury.

Then you have practice this week. Today out at practice, Michael Harrington was not out practicing with the team, and he apparently left practice early yesterday. Today another player went down it would seem, as Graham Zusi left practice early today. Both of those two have started the Wizards first two games this season. Hopefully both will be able to go this weekend along with Arnaud. Because if not, KC could be in more trouble against San Jose.

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