Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Updated Salaries

Back in the middle of March, the MLS players union updated the list of salaries that MLS players receive. Included in the list are all but one Wizards' player, Graham Zusi. Other than him, the entire Wizards roster is listed. There is one change from the last time I posted the salaries, and that is Michael Kraus who is actually a senior development player instead of a senior roster player, meaning his salary is $20,100 instead of $34,000 as it was originally listed. Three players were added to the salary list.

Added to the roster (first number is base, second is guaranteed):
Santiago Hirsig $75,000.00 $ 75,000.00
Rauwshan McKenzie $34,008.00 $34,008.00
Nelson Pizarro $15,300.00 $15,300.00

Getting Hirsig for $75,000 would appear to be a bit of a steal for a player who was regularly in the team for San Lorenzo down in Argentina. A little surprised that McKenzie is getting a senior roster spot this year, but maybe there's a plan for something in the future. Pizarro is the team's lowest paid player, he's also the only regular developmental player.

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