Monday, April 27, 2009

Player Interview Poll

Who should be interviewed this week? Remember to vote both here and at The Back Post and to leave your questions in the comments section.

Lance Watson - Seems to have locked down the right back spot.
Roger Espinoza - Honduran international got his first start of the season.
Jack Jewsbury - Suffered a concussion in Thursday's game and missed Sunday.
Adam Cristman - Offseason trade acquisition, is still recovering from offseason surgery.

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szazzy said...

Maybe you could alphabetize your blog roll so that ignores "The"? I think it's more natural that way, and it would put your sister blog over at The Back Post as the top link I think.

I voted for Roger so I can hear if he's been enjoying this season so far, but he didn't show as well as I hoped in Toronto after lobbying for him to play more all week.