Thursday, April 30, 2009

Onalfo Fined

For those that visit the news section of the KC Wizards website, you'll notice under the disciplinary section that Wizards coach Curt Onalfo was fined $500 by the league. The fine stems from comments Onalfo made to the referee after the game against Toronto FC. Obviously whatever was said wasn't too bad, as there hasn't been much news made about the fine.


WS said...

He probably asked if the ref was getting a signed DeRosario jersey after the game. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist after reading the Marrufo story.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not story related, but
do you have any comment on the MLS/Yankees feud? I read a comment on and wondered your take on it. I find it funny that the Yankees would go after Don Garber.

Mike said...

I don't have much of one different than what I've read in other places, but basically I think Garber was making a comment about all sports suffering in the current economic climate and used the Yankees as an example. The Yankees' guy took it the wrong way and went off the deep end which was hilarious to see.