Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

Entering the second week of the new "Gazing into the Crystal Ball" feature and I'm already on top. Last week I got 3 of the predictions right predicting the draw in the NY-NE and the Chicago-DC game, along with Seattle's win over Salt Lake. Meanwhile Robert Houghton correctly got the Seattle and Chivas win. Both of us missed our pick of the week, me choosing Columbus and Robert choosing KC. This week I'll continue to take on the leadership of the Hillcrest Syndicate as I take on the groups treasurer, Kevin Shook.

No funny picture this week, and there's a reason behind that, which will come later. Anyways, onto the predictions for this week.

Mike's picks
Columbus at Real Salt Lake - Home opener tonight for Salt Lake at home. Columbus has drawn their first two games this season. 1-1
Seattle at Toronto - Both teams are off to hot starts and this will be Seattle's first big test, as Toronto will have their full compliment of internationals for the game. Toronto 2-1
Houston at DC - DC is banged up a bit, but is still at home. 1-1
Dallas at New England - One team that's looked worse than KC has and that's Dallas. New England 2-1. (DTB pick of the week)
Colorado at LA - Colorado will look to continue from their win last week, while LA is coming off their conspiracy creating bye week. 1-0 LA
San Jose at KC - KC is 0-2 and is a real threat to be 0-5 if they don't get a result from this game. 2-2
New York at Chicago - Chicago finally get their home opener, while New York still hasn't looked great this season. Chicago 2-0
Columbus at Chivas - Chivas is surprisingly 2-0 this season, but haven't faced great competition, this will be their first real test. Columbus 3-1

And here are the picks by my opponent this week.
CLB @ RSL - Draw
*DAL @ NE - NE
SJ @ KC - KC
NY @ CHI - Draw

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