Friday, April 10, 2009

To the Emerald City

Kansas City continues their season this weekend in Seattle, where they take on the surprisingly impressive Seattle Sounders. The expansion side is 3-0 on the young season having scored 7 goals and allowed 0 in those three games. Their offense has looked powerful and their defense has looked surprisingly good in front of Kasey Keller in goal. KC comes into the game 1-2 after getting a 2-0 win at home last Sunday in extreme conditions against San Jose. Seattle meanwhile went on the road for the first time to Toronto to take on TFC and came away 2-0 winners without Fredy Montero in the lineup, as he stayed in Seattle "sick". He should be back in the lineup on Saturday night with the team back in the US.

If Coach Onalfo has shown one thing over his 2 plus years in KC now is that if a lineup wins him a game, chances are he's going to stick with it barring injury. That would be the assumption heading into Seattle this weekend, that we'll see the same starting 11 come out for the game tomorrow as we saw start the game on Sunday against San Jose.
Watson - Conrad - Hohlbein - Besler
Gomez - Hirsig - Wolff
Arnaud - Lopez

PREDICTION - Honestly, I think Seattle is just too good for the Wizards right now. I'm trying to find something positive to shine the light on before this game to try and figure out how KC could get points out of this game, but right now there doesn't look like much. Seattle's offense is much better than San Jose's and will give the back line much more to deal with than what they did last week. Our wing backs will have their hands full with the likes of Le Toux, Zakuani, and Nyassi, while Conrad and Hohlbein will be occupied with Jaqua and Montero. Jewsbury's job will likely be to mark Ljungberg, which will be a handful. The intriguing match up will be Hirsig vs. Alonso. Either way, the Wizards offense, particularly the forwards have lacked in the scoring department this season and will need to come alive to beat Keller.

KC - 0
Seattle - 2 (Montero, Le Toux)


tolstoy said...

I'm seeing 3-1 KC with 2 from Gomez, 1 from Wolf and Alonzo getting the Seattle goal.

I believe they will get legs out of that gutting win last week.

Anonymous said...

2-1 Wizards..... We have too many guys who can put the ball in the net. We just need the extra pass from 18- 10 in and some unselfish play and we are in.

Anonymous said...

We have too many guys who can put the ball in the net? Then why are we 1-2? We may have guys that can put it in the net, but 2 of those guys (Wolff and Lopez) are past it by quite a bit. And Arnaud and Gomez are not consistent goal scorers.

Extra passes inside the 18-10 in leads to more balls being given away without a shot. Inside the 18 you need to be taking shots.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Davy drill one home and at least put an end to their shutout streak. It'll be tough to win, but you never know how things will go. Go Wizards!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Seattle 3-0 but maybe even as much as 5-0. Seattle will break the record for minutes without giving up a goal to start the season for an "expansion" franchise. Only need 62 min. and that record will be toast. The Wizz seem to be lacking in most areas when compared to Seattle. Factor in the crowd and The Wizz will be down for the count.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Wizz you speak of? There's no team called the Wizz

Anonymous said...

the Wizz? They're a soccer team not a delicious cheesey spread. lol. Go WIZ!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thank God for Aurnaud, because all of these "guys who can put the ball on the net" still have yet to show up...probably because they are not there. Its a good win but but against 10 players and no Keller in net, we were fortunate. WE DONT HAVE A DANGEROUS CREATIVE FORWARD... No Montero, NO Ljungberg. Truth is the Wiz should pray that Hartman, Aurnaud and Conrad don't get hurt cause they hold this team together.
Also, we don't have a right back, our subs don't have an impact on the game and our set plays are very very weak.