Thursday, April 23, 2009

Player Interviews

The winner of this week's player interview poll was MLS player of the week, Josh Wolff. Thad was able to get a nice log interview with Wolff yesterday after practice that he actually had to divide into 2 parts for posting. Here's part 1 and part 2. Wolff talks about the second half against Chicago and what changed from the first half. He then talks about getting 4 points against the top team in each of the conferences at the time on the road and how it's a bit of a double edged sword as they didn't play great in either game. He continues by talking about what needs to be done from the start to avoid a slow, flat start against New York tonight. Thad then asks him about how Wolff and Claudio Lopez play a similar style game and how that works on the field for both of them, whether it's a help or a hindrance at times. Wolff also talks about playing up top with a more target type striker that Abe Thompson and Adam Cristman bring to the table. He talks about the presence that those type of players bring on the field. He talks bout his best partner ever giving a shout to Davy Arnaud for that spot as well as mentioning Ante Razov.

The second part of the interview is much more fun with some jokes being thrown at Arnaud and Jack Jewsbury, their friendship and whether they're as close as they're made out to be by people. How they're the story of the team, and everyone else on the team is Davy and Jack fans, to which Kurt Morsink who was in the area agreed with. Giving them a new nickname, Ace and Gary. If you only listen to one part, listen to part 2, as it's definitely good for a laugh.

Thad also got an interview with this week's runner up, Michael Harrington. Harrington talks about coming back from his injury and working his way back into the lineup again afterwards. He talks about playing on both the right and the left side of the field as well. He talks about the cross that led to the game tying goal against Chicago as well as the adjustments that the team made during the game.

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