Thursday, April 02, 2009

Player of the Week Interview

Thad's interview with this week's winner of the player interview poll, Michael Kraus is now up on The Back Post. Kraus talks about the game in Colorado. He'd known that he was going to be going into the game before the game started. Kraus continues by talking about how much it means that his parents travel to every game he dresses, not just first team games, but reserve games as well, as well as his relationship with his family. He explains a bit about how he got to where he is now by working through the reserve league, to getting into the 18 man game day roster, to scoring in an MLS game. As well, he talks about this coming weekend and getting into the 18 again and trying to cause a mistake, or capitalize on one like he did in Colorado. He also gives a shoutout to his girlfriend Molly in the interview.

Overall a good interview, and the goal last week has certainly caused more people to learn about exactly who Michael Kraus is.

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