Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Beat Writer

Thad over at The Back Post is reporting that the Wizards have a new beat writer to replace Bob Luder whose name has come up in the Star's recent layoffs. According to Thad, the new writer is Randy Covitz, who is currently with the Star. From a quick search of the Star's website, it looks like recently, Covitz has been mainly covering NASCAR and racing for the Star. Covitz has also spent a lot of time covering the Chiefs and NFL, along with covering the recent NHL exhibition game that was played at the Sprint Center.

Will be interesting, if true, to see how Covitz converts to covering soccer. Which turns out I shouldn't really be worried about, as Covitz was apparently the beat writer for the Comets during their heyday.

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Anonymous said...

How'd they overlook you? [bounties the KC Star for being so negligent]