Friday, September 26, 2008

More Stadium Delays

Those of you hoping to head to the Downtown Marriott in KC for the Missouri Developmental Finance Board hoping to see the Bannister Mall funding finally be approved, can cancel your plans and go ahead and go to work. The state tax credit for the development has been delayed again. According to an executive assistant to the board, the plan is not ready for a second presentation to the board. This is becoming laughable, and incredibly frustrating, not just for fans or people in favor of this development, but it has to be getting frustrating for the Wizards front office as well. Particularly because I was told the Wizards had planned to break ground very soon at the site, meaning that this latest set back is a big surprise to the team.

As Robb Heineman says in the article, continued delay puts the stadium construction in doubt. And if the stadium construction falls through I have a feeling that this entire redevelopment will fall through as they won't have the anchor of the stadium there.

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