Monday, September 22, 2008

Player Interview Poll

Time for this week's poll for who should be interviewed by Thad from The Back Post. After the result against TFC this weekend that renews hopes of the playoffs, you have three players to choose from.

Kevin Souter - Open tryout participant scores his first career goal in MLS.
Jonathan Leathers - Rookie has started the last two games at right back for the Wizards.
Jack Jewsbury - Scores the winner from the penalty spot.

Remember to post any questions that you might have for the players in general, or for a specific player. But be considerate with the questions.


Mike said...

I'll start with a question for Jack.

Late in the game when you got your yellow, you seemed to be frustrated/upset. Was that because of the fact that the foul was called or was it because you'd gotten your 5th yellow and will miss next weeks game?

Anonymous said...

Ask Leathers about his time with the US U-23 team in China, where he played with Hohlbein and Harrington before he was even drafted by the Wizards. Ask him if playing with those guys there helped his transition to the team at all.

Anonymous said...


did you feel like people treated you different in the team because you came from an open-tryout as oppose to being drafted?

What has been the biggest difference between the college game and the professional level?

There was talk of you going to the Columbus Crew before the Wiz signed you, what is your IDEAL plan for the future?