Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Morsink on Costa Rica Radar

Wizards midfielder, Kurt Morsink, appears to be on the radar of the Costa Rican national team. Morsink, who is a dual citizen of the US and Costa Rica was on the radar of the US national team back in October of last year, but was not called up. Now the coach of the Costa Rican team appears to be looking at potentially calling up the midfielder. While the article is a few days late, it basically talks about how national team coach, Rodrigo Kenton, is looking at other players as well during the qualifying cycle. With Costa Rica in a relitively easy qualifying group, it certainly gives Morsink a chance at a call up if he's interested in playing for the Ticos. Morsink, though, was not called up for this set of qualifiers over the next week. While he wasn't call up, it shows the intention of the coach, and his interest in Morsink.

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Anonymous said...

i hope he does get a call up. He has a better future with the CRNT.