Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Interview Poll

Back again with another interview poll between Thad at The Back Post and myself on who should be interviewed this week. Remember you can vote both on this page and on Thad's over at his blog. Don't forget to put in your questions as well for each of the players or questions in general for those specific players. Please be polite.

Here are this week's nominees.

Michael Harrington - The Wizards second year pro broke the half century mark in starts earlier this year in only his second season with the team.

Eric Kronberg - The Wizards back up keeper started all 3 of the Wizards US Open Cup games this year, getting 1 shutout. He's also one of the leaders on the reserve team that is second in the reserve league.

Roger Espinoza - "Roger the Red" has taken over the left midfield spot lately and has made it his own.

Chance Myers - Number 1 overall pick continues to recover from his bout with mono.

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