Friday, September 26, 2008

Bannister Mall has been Sold

While discussing today's developments on the Bannister Mall redevelopment on bigsoccer. This google cached article was linked. The article talks about how Lane4, the developers in charge of the Three Trails redevelopment, have purchased Bannister Mall from the former owners for $12 million, or $70 per square foot. It's something positive out of what has turned out to be a pretty crappy day with the news that the funding will not be approved on Tuesday. The fact that the mall has been purchased by the developers is at least one good sign towards this project still on the way to completion instead of being on it's way to it's death bed like some people seem to think. The article also mentions other properties that will close in the fourth quarter of this year. All news that certainly helps to brighten what had been a bleak day.

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