Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reserves Destroy Toronto

The KC Wizards reserves had no problem taking down the Toronto FC reserves this morning out at the Wizards Swope Park training complex. Ivan Trujillo had a hattrick as the reserves beat Toronto 6-0 today. The first half for the game was fairly quiet, as the Wizards and Toronto didn't have many great chances. Toronto's best chance of the game came when a cross came into the box to the back post where Danny Dichio was unmarked. Dichio hit a hard shot, but Eric Kronberg made the big save. Later inthe first half, the Wizards got on the board, as Lance Watson crossed along the ground to Trujillo whose shot went back across the goal into the net to give the Wizards the 1-0 lead. Trujillo almost doubled the lead, but had his shot knocked away.

In the second half, the Wizards really piled it on. Claudio Lopez got the ball out wide and crossed the ball to Ryan Pore who easily tucked the ball in the corner of the net to double the Wizards lead. Trujillo got his second goal of the game shortly after that to make the score 3-0. As the second half continued, Michael Kraus and Nelson Pizarro came in for Lopez and Kerry Zavagnin.

The Wizards 4th and 5th goals were more due to mistakes by the Toronto defense. On the 4th goal, a cross by Pizarro was poorly cleared and then mistouched by another defender right to Trujillo, who made no mistake to finish out his hattrick. The 5th goal was even more of a blunder, as a free kick by Carlos Marinelli was sent right to the keeper, who didn't hold the ball and dropped it almost over the line. Before he could get back to grab it, Kevin Souter pounced on it to make it 5-0.

By this point, Toronto had seemed to have completely given up, and Pore had his way on the final goal of the game. Pore started with the ball on the right wing, started to dribble in, beat one defender, dribbled parrallel to the goal before firing a low shot from the top of the 18 inside the corner of the net. The scoreline could have been a whole lot worse, but as the game wore on, the Wizards forwards got anxious and were caught offside multiple times, including 3 times that resulted into goals being called back. Overall, a dominating performance by the Wizards. In the second half, TFC looked poor. Even with guys like Dichio, and Marco Velez, both guys that get first team minutes, TFC looked completely overmatched against the Wizards reserves.

Here's the lineup that the Wizards started the game with.
Souter - Hohlbein - McKenzie - Watson
Pore - Zavagnin - Morsink - Marinelli
Trujillo - Lopez

UPDATE: The official report from the game is giving the Souter goal to Carlos Marinelli instead. From my angle it didn't look like the ball crossed the line until Souter's touch, but a goal is a goal.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how Trujillo racks up goals for the B team, but can't even crack the varsity bench.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cause a hattrick against Toronto's reserve team is a huge achievement. :rolleyes:. He's shown me nothing in the time he's been on the field. I've been to a few reserve games (didn't make it there today) and overall he doesn't impress, he's offside too much and is lazy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'cause scoring 3 goals isn't anything important. Maybe if they gave him a chance where he could really play in the first team would make a difference. The worst thing you can do to a player is inconsistency... bringing him in for just some minutes every now and then, which is what they've done to him in the first team.