Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interview Poll 4

Thad at The Back Post and myself are continuing our weekly interview with a player (if available) voted on by you. This week, we've selected a few players that we thought you might like to hear from after the game in San Jose. Feel free to post questions in the comments section here or over on The Back Post. Please keepquestions responsible and polite. Also please let us know if they are player specific or a general question.

This week's choices are, Kevin Souter, Kurt Morsink, and Davy Arnaud.

Souter made the 18 man game day roster for the first time Saturday night.

Morsink was back into the starting 11 after being on the bench the last few games.

Arnaud gets his third goal of the season, 5 holing Joe Cannon.

Remember you can vote both here and over on The Back Post.


Anonymous said...

As a forward do you set a personal goal on how many goals you will score during the year?

Anonymous said...


With Morsink's yellow and Sasha's injury how are you preparing yourself this week differently since most likely you will play?

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Kevin making the 18-man roster and where have you been for the past month?

M, can you answer this question for me? Is it because KC signed Josh?

Mike said...

I don't personally have any clue why Pizarro's been dropped off the bench lately. There's nothing really that comes to my mind anyways. I don't think it has to do with getting Josh though.

Anonymous said...


How much different is MLS from NAIA?

How had you felt about your play at the open tryout? Had you expected to be called back?