Thursday, September 04, 2008

August Player of the Month

The month of August is over, and it's time to decide who the Wizards' Player of the Month. The Wizards went 1-3-1 in the month of August, winning against Chivas USA, losing all 3 road games at DC, Colorado, and San Jose, and tying Dallas. They scored 6 goals while allowing 9. In the end, the award this month came down to 3 players, Davy Arnaud, Michael Harrington, and Sasha Victorine.

Arnaud was the leading scorer this month, scoring 2 goals and getting an assist. He had the Wizards lone game winning goal in the 3-2 win over Chivas USA.

Harrington had a goal and an assist in the month of August, and has become much more of an influence on the offensive side of the ball since moving into the midfield.

Victorine had 1 goal this month, but was strong in the midfield throughout the month and was the main offensive force in the loss to Colorado.

And the winner this month...

Arnaud's work ethic and none stop engine is what wins him the award this month.

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Reepicheep said...

I know you're a big Arnaud fan and I wish every player put forth the effort he did. I just wish he didn't whine so much on the field. It's hard to watch some times.