Saturday, October 06, 2007

Morsink for National Team?

Thanks to a poster on bigsoccer, I've found this article about Wizards midfielder, Kurt Morsink. Morsink, holds dual citizenship in both the US and Costa Rica. The article is about Morsink possibly one day playing for either the US or Costa Rican National team. From my rough translation of the article, Morsink says that he'd love to represent Costa Rica on the world stage, but would play for whichever country calls him up first. Apparently US coach, Bob Bradley, inquired about Morsink to Coach Onalfo recently about his play. The question that comes to me about that, is whether that was for the Brazil game or not? If it was, then I'm not surprised. The Wizards were the one MLS team off for that weekend and it would have made sense for Bradley to look at bringing in KC players to help fill out his roster.

Now the question is, is there really a race to get Morsink on the national team? Morsink has had some bright moments and looks like a very capable squad player, but right now looks nothing like a player that will eventually be a national team player, at least for the US, there is too much talent at the midfield position for him to honestly compete for time. With Benny Feilhaber and Michael Bradley being the first choice central midfield pairing of the future, and guys like Ricardo Clark and other central midfielders, I just don't see Morsink really being able to break into the team. Unless he turns into a late bloomer like Jimmy Conrad he's gonna have to hope that Costa Rica calls him up.


Anonymous said...

Morsink will show you through the season he is of the caliber right now to play with those guys.

He plays to the competition he is up against. Did you see games so far this year? He out played Clarke!

As for Bradley he is much more versatile and as for Benny more athletic. He is deceptively fast and strong.

Give him a chance he will win you and Bradley over, well if Bradley stops playing his son (even though Michael is really good) in every second of every game.

If US plays three man with holding and attacking in middle NO ONE is better hub or go between central player than Morsink who has an incredibly fast first step out of pressure and to close space to tackle.

He is born competitor as well. I am sure he will if given the chance make himself a regular for the US.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have seen his games this year. Yesterday he looked like COMPLETE shit. He was terrible, and hasn't been good all season.

Unknown said...
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