Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love for the Cauldron

I've been a member of the Cauldron for about 4 seasons now. Starting back in 2004, I have not missed a game standing with friends cheering my lungs horse there. Finally after 4 seasons we finally have probably the best article ever written about the supporters group. Author Andrew Wiebe does a good job of capturing the group as a whole and what all goes into the game day atmosphere that the Cauldron creates. He gets a great quote from Anthony Frei about the sheer excitement that comes over you when a goal is scored.

“Whenever a goal is scored it’s pandemonium,” Frei said. “There’s a huge amount of joy. In football, basketball and other sports your team scores at regular intervals. It’s all of that packed down into the one moment you are all waiting for.”
He also gets great quotes from Davy Arnaud and Kerry Zavagnin on the team's perspective of the group, which is always great to hear.

This isn't Wiebe's first article on the Cauldron either, he wrote one a week ago chronicling the where the Cauldron got it's start, from the Mystics and moving into the present with the Cauldron. Growing from a hand full of people to the 450-500 that were at the game last Saturday night against Chivas.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked it. I definitely enjoy the blog. Always on top of KC news and its one of the 15 or so websites i frequent everyday to get my soccer fix. Reminds me of du nord but strictly Wizards. Seems strange to me that there are absolutely no comments most of the time though. Where are the Wizards fans at that are trolling the internet for soccer news like me? I definitely would have hit you up for an interview had i known who you were at the game.

szazzy said...

Those fans are all on the Wizards forum on Bigsoccer so most times we have heard the news that's being put up on this blog.

A lot of us will come read this to get Mike's take, or check out his statistical breakdowns, but unless he's way out there on something, comments are usually on the other boards.

I enjoyed the Cauldron article as well. Sometime we'll get Tony from Tony's KC out to a game with the Cauldron and finish his conversion.

He'll not only be for a stadium at that point, but will probably want to pay for out of his own pocket. :)