Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playoffs? Playoffs?

The Wizards for the third year in a row are pissing it down their leg. Needing to get some kind of point last night to help their push for the playoffs, the Wizards come up with nothing, and lose 2-1 at New York, thanks to two gifts by left back Jose Burciaga Jr.

The first gift, was when former Wizard, Dave van den Bergh tried to send a cross into the box. The cross hit Burciaga's arm as he was sliding in, PK called. Second time this season the Wizards have had that PK called on them. Juan Pablo Angel put the PK away making it 1-0 New York. Less than two minutes later, KC was level, as Davy Arnaud found Jack Jewsbury on a free kick, that Jewsbury was able to bury with a strong header.

The Wizards weren't level for long, though, as Burciaga slipped on the ball while trying to control it in his defensive third, giving the ball up to Dane Richards, who was 1 on 2 with Jimmy Conrad and Angel. Richards slotted the ball to Angel who easily beat Kevin Hartman for his 19th of the season, and 5th against KC.

KC's offense looked anemic for most of the night, playing mostly route 1 soccer over the top trying to pick out Scott Sealy or Eddie Johnson, neither of whom were able to do much with it. The Wizards had a chance though in the second half, as Sealy was pulled down by Carlos Mendes, and exaggerated it enough to earn a PK. Johnson stepped up to take the PK, and promptly put the PK right at diving height, about 2 feet to Conway's right, making it an easy save for the Red Bull keeper.

The Wizards are now in the same position they've been in the past 2 seasons, going into the final game, a result will put them in the playoffs. If not, they have to hope for other results to fall their way for them to get in. Will the Wizards finally step up and play late in the season for once, grab the bull by the horns and get in the playoffs? Or will they wilt and hope to back in, like they have tried the past 2 seasons? If they do, will results fall their way for once?

3 Stars of the Game
1. Juan Pablo Angel - NY - The new KC killer, Angel's stats vs. KC this season, 3 games played 5 goals scored. Five of NY's seven goals against KC have come from him.
2. Jon Conway - NY - While Johnson's PK was pathetic, Conway still had to make the save, and others to help preserve the result.
3. Kevin Hartman - KC - The only Wizards player who seemed to give a damn the entire game, would have been worse if he'd not been in net, can't be faulted on either one of the goals NY scored.


Anonymous said...

Your post sounds a little deflated, whereas I'm just livid. The PK call against the Wizards was ridiculous. The ball hitting Buciagia was completely incidental.

I wish I could say it was all the ref's fault, but then Johnson had to miss the PK.

Did I mention I was livid? LIVID.

- jw

Unknown said...

It was incidental yes, but it's been called on us before this season (Jack in NE earlier this season) so I was not surprised that it was called again.

And I am livid, post forth coming.

George Shook said...

Hm, yeah, arm away from body and making contact with the ball...yeah, it's a penalty when it happens in the box. We should be livid over Sealy's dive in the box, but then again, he is a swimming champion. :D Or better yet, livid over the yellow to EJ for diving on a clear cut penalty call. Or how about EJ effing up the the PK shot?

Fact is, overall, KC was LUCKY to even be close in this game as RBNY should have won 5-1(or 2 if EJ hits that PK)

Roush said...

Key points of a handling violation.

Deliberately. Did Jose deliberately move his arm? I don't know, because I chose not to watch the game. (I can stomach only one questionable officiating episode per day and the UMKC soccer match filled that quota)

Did Jack? Sadly enough I think he did... As I recall, he threw his hands away from his body as he lunged in, making the call simple.