Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wizards Take Advantage to LA

The Wizards will carry a one goal advantage into the second leg of their conference semifinal series next weekend with Chivas USA thanks to a Davy Arnaud free kick. Chivas USA played last night without their two top scorers, Ante Razov and Maykel Galindo, and without them, their offense struggled to get a good string of offensive chances going.

While the Wizards had the run of play in the first half, they were only able to get the one goal. In the 35th minute off of a free kick, Arnaud found net thanks to a bit of a deflection. Overall it seemed like Brad Guzan read that one late, expecting more of a cross from that position instead of a shot from the Wizards midfielder. Chivas' best shot at an equalizer came in the second half, when John Cunliffe's shot glanced off of the bar in the 61st minute.

Overall, Kansas City looked satisfied with the result late on, as they started to play like the Wizards under Bob Gansler, bunkering, absorbing the pressure, and trying to counter. Chivas as well seemed to be ok with the result as well, especially with their team being undermanned. It should set up a very nice return leg in LA next weekend.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Davy Arnaud - KC - The heart award winner showed it tonight. And any time you get the winner in a playoff game, that's a good game.
2. Francisco Mendoza - Chivas - I really like this guy, he's quick and plays the game really well. Each time the Wizards have played Chivas this year, he's been one of their best players.
3. Kevin Hartman - KC - Two straight shutouts for Hartman, a good night at the office, made the saves when he was called upon, which is what the Wizards brought him in for.

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