Friday, October 12, 2007

Wizards Look to Get in Playoffs

For the third straight year, the Wizards have making the playoffs in their own hand. Two years ago, all the had to do in the last two games of the season was win one game. They ended up losing and drawing those two games, and missed the playoffs when the then Metrostars beat Chivas. Last year, the Wizards just needed a draw in New York on the final day of the season to get in the playoffs. Two pk calls later, the Wizards were again sitting at home for the playoffs. This year, the Wizards can clinch a playoff spot without any help with a win this weekend against the Red Bulls. A draw and the Wizards can clinch a playoff spot with help, I break down what they need in this entry.

The Red Bulls are on a run of bad form right now, they are 1-4-3 in their last 8, including being the team that allowed Toronto to end their long winless run. This is a game the Wizards definitely have a chance to take. The Wizards should be able to put out their best starting 11 for this match.

Jewsbury - Garcia - Conrad - Harrington
Arnaud - Marinelli - Burciaga
Sealy - Johnson

The Wizards need this game more then New York does, New York is in the playoffs, and while a win will put the Wizards over the Red Bulls for the third seed, the Wizards HAVE to want this more. In the end, I think the Wizards are going to get a point and have to take that one baby step towards the playoffs.

KC - 1 (Sealy)
NY - 1 (Angel)

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