Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grant Wahl's Playoff Incentive

Thanks to Pete Grathoff's Tor! Tor! Tor! blog for this nice little tidbit. Apparently Grant Wahl has given the Wizards some nice incentive for the post season in his latest writing for SI.com, Greatest American Heroes. If you go to page three of the article, the second to last question, you'll see this question:

I hear you wear a scarf all the time. Any truth to that?
--Tim, St. Louis

Here is Wahl's response to the question.

Hmmm ... any chance you're referring to the Jimmy Conrad column where he descrbies the unnamed "bald fellow who ... wears cool, hip clothes to every event I see him at. The guy loves the scarf. Pouring rain, scarf; denim-on-denim, scarf; 112 degrees, scarf."
Wahl goes on to give Jimmy a little jab for the Wizards lack of making the playoffs, and then goes on to give the Wizards some incentive for the playoffs.
Welcome back to the postseason, Jimmy! (Good thing you never had to wear the Toucan Sam rainbow-sleeved Wiz get-up K.C. had back in the old days, or it might be hard to take you seriously as a fashion arbiter.) Anyway, just as a playoff incentive, if you and the Wizards reach the MLS Cup final I'll promise to wear a rainbow-striped ascot this time around.
Sounds like a challenge to me. I look forward to seeing Mr. Wahl in a rainbow-striped ascot at MLS Cup.

But what's this about Jimmy never having worn the Toucan Sam rainbow-sleeved Wizards jersey?

Sorry Jimmy.

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