Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A testimonial match is a way for a club to show their respect for a player for his service to the club. Recently, DC United put on a testimonial match for DC great, Marco Etcheverry, on the 20th, before the team's match with the Columbus Crew.

This got me thinking about who, if anyone on the Wizards, would deserve such an honor. According to the wikipedia article I linked, testimonials are usually given for 10 years of service to the club. No one has played for the Wizards for 10 years though.

One former Wizards player, though, in my opinion is definitely worthy of a testimonial. That is Wizards' fans' hero, Preki. The current Chivas USA coach is more than worthy of a testimonial match in my opinion. He has scored 71 goals and 98 assists for the Wizards in his 9 seasons with the club (1996-2000, 2002-2005) . And until this season, he had been the Wizards leader in appearances with 218. Preki has the pedigree and history in the league and with the Wizards, just as Etcheverry does with DC. If there is a more worthy candidate, I do not know who.
The question becomes, would the Wizards be interested in doing such a thing? Personally I think the player that holds almost every offensive record for the Wizards deserves the chance the honor of a testimonial in his honor. Preki certainly has the ability to still get out on the field and kick the ball around a bit and be part of a testimonial match. In fact, I can even think of the opponent for the match. It should be a friendly between the Kansas City Wizards, and Preki's current team, Chivas USA. Kind of like the recent testimonial for Roy Keane, this would be a fitting way to honor the career of the greatest player to ever put on the Wizards blue.


Mark_A said...

I think a testimonial for Preki would be a great idea.

I can understand the logic of playing Chivas USA. But I am not sure it draws enough of a crowd.

Maybe the Wizards MLS Champions team of 2000 could reunite to play Chicago of 2000 or the current Wizards team could play an All Star MLS team

Lots of options I guess, but Preki certainly deserves to be honored.

Anonymous said...

what about inviting over Preki's original club, Red Star Belgrade? or Everton? or Portsmith? Some of Preki's other former clubs. Everton was over in the US this past summer, getting them to come over again, maybe during their preseason and have the friendly then between KC and Everton. It'd solve 2 problems, it'd give Preki a testimonial, and it'd give the Wizards a friendly at home, which they haven't done in years.

Mark_A said...

Everton don't remember who Preki is, but I like the idea of an EPL team

How about former Everton players -- let's see -- Richard Gough, Mo Johnston, Paul Rideout, Preki, hmm, ok I dried up quickly there.

How about USA vs Brazil reenacting Preki's greatest goal :))