Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jose's Time in KC Running Short?

Is this one of the last images of Jose Burciaga Jr. celebrating a goal in Wizards blue? It very well could be. Burciaga has not seen the field since he was subbed at half time of the Wizards 2-0 loss at New York. In that game, Burciaga was responsible for both New York goals, giving up a PK for New York's first goal, and then slipping on the ball and giving it up for the second goal.

Since then, Wizards rookie, Michael Harrington has taken up the left back spot. The Wizards have not allowed a goal since then. So the question becomes, is Burciaga expendable? He certainly seems to be. Harrington has played well at the left back position, and while I'd prefer him in the midfield, he contributes to both sides of the ball the same as Burciaga does. The big thing he lacks is the power shot that Burciaga has.

Even before his benching against New York, the signs seemed to be there. Onalfo switched things up and pushed Burciaga into the midfield, dropping Harrington back. Burciaga did not impress in his time in the midfield, lacking the instincts that you expect of a midfielder.

If this late season benching is any sign, Burciaga could very well be on his way out of Kansas City, either in the expansion draft or by trade. He's only recently removed from being an MLS Best XI player, so he certainly has trade value. The Wizards could fill other needs on the roster with the trade of a player like Burciaga.

This is all speculation, but there certainly seem to be signs that some big changes could be coming this offseason.


Anonymous said...

How much has Burciaga's trade value been affected if everyone knows he's in Onalfo's doghouse?

KFad said...

All the man does is shoot poorly and frequently from distance and play long diagonal balls. I think this is obvious to any potential suitors and it would lower his value. Still, I'd be happy to see him go.